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Keep in mind that your essay will almost certainly be checked for plagiarism. They will usually have written guidelines for you to follow. Depending upon your subject, your professor will probably want to see ideas in your essay that reference previous works produced by knowledgeable experts. Do not exceed your word count by more than a few percent. Part of the reason for the word count is for you to show that you can hone your ideas/arguments down to what really counts.
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Use them in sentences and try to say them at least 3 times when you speak. please study all spelling and listen all  words very clearly that will help you to write a good essay or story , when we read a English story loudly that will collect each words in our memory and they will give back  when we need. so that will help us so , so take care of all this words you can improve your essay and English  so clearly

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Only one things kept in mind during writing an essay that is " Content".
The powerful content makes powerful and confidential easy.
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Always think about girl
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And content
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