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bhojpuri is best language of all four . Hindi and urdu are basically dialects of khari boli , a language spoken in ganga jamuna doab in UP. Add Persian and Arabic words in khari boli it will become Urdu. Add Sanskrit words and it will become Hindi. So both are artificially created dialects coming out of political-religious compulsion. Hindi for Hindus and Urdu for Muslims and original khari boli for illiterate village yokels !

While Punjabi not at all. If you speak in Punjabi then you will be branded as separatist and anti national. Both in India and in Pakistan.

Now we are only left with bhojpuri . Sweet language of our beloved raj  mohan song How cute ! So go for it.

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English is the best and universal language. Who help to  understand imperfect world.
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Gujrati language much better then other's